About Installation Project

The installation project by Prashant Shah is an outcome of his deep respect and appreciation for the Covid warriors others who contributed to fight the virus, nationally and across the borders. This includes a set of over 200 painting installations that are a transition from an abstract painting done on a 40X40” canvas that gets reflected on a 6X20” steel cylinder that depicts realistic image. Very few artists in India have been working on this technique but the unique aspect to this presentation is Prashant’s translation of the abstract painting and its composition. The paintings include world leaders, eminent philanthropists, business tycoons, covid warriors across different fronts and those form the entertainment industry who were influential throughout these two years. Some of the artworks also depict the rich beauty & diversity of our national culture with paintings on major religious shrines, palaces & monuments.

The aim is to request the CM or PM to endorse these paintings which would then be auctioned or sold further to those interested. The intent of the auction is to contribute towards the funds allotted by the CM/ PM dedicated to help covid warriors and survivors.